Recover, Repair, Regenerate ™
Taking Your Body to New Heights With
ADAPTIVE Oxygen Therapy


Recover and Repair

Regenerate Recover Repair ™

World Leading
ADAPITIVE Oxygen Therapy

thinAir Sports is the worldwide leader of elite ADAPTIVE oxygen therapy to improve the performance of the human body.  What started as a product to give athletes the cutting edge on the sports field has rapidly grown into a lifestyle product helping people to live more productive lives. 

For us, Recover, Repair, Regenerate ™ aren’t just words on a logo – we create the conditions to allow the human body to improve its performance. Our revolutionary adaptive oxygen therapy offers a personalised programme that supports you to recover from injury and flush our inflammation, repair damaged cells and regenerate new cells to give you a new lease of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support people to achieve their goals by bringing the benefits and science of personalised thinAir oxygen therapy to all.

We imagine a world where all people who would benefit from personalised thinAir programmes have a chance to receive it.