NO MORE Chronic Pain for me!
For years chronic pain meant I didn't sleep well, now I sleep 8 hours a night and feel amazing. thinAir sports has changed my life! Check out our YouTube Channel
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Jaco Van Gass

since I have be using thinAir sports I have won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medal, what more can I say about thinAir sports… Check out our YouTube channel for more videos

thinAir YouTube
Hone Your Lifestyle with thinAir Sports
I used thinAir to train for a charity walk - before I went people commented on how good I looked - my skin was glowing, I felt good - I haven't stopped using it. It's part of my life now.
thinAir YouTube

Recover, Repair, Regenerate ™

At thinAir we specialise in a revolutionary oxygen therapy that delivers personalised programmes to support your body to Recover, Repair and Regenerate. Combining the science of intermittent hypoxic therapy with sophisticated software, we have created a world first in adaptive oxygen therapy that is changing the way people live. By stimulating the removal of inflammation from the brain and body, you can begin a process of recovery from injury, repair and elimination of damaged cells and the regeneration of new cells full of vitality.

We work with people of all ages and all physical abilities to help you to achieve your goals – there are no barriers to using thinAir Sports.

How it Works