The best chance of success and enjoyment on your trekking holiday

Being able to cope with altitude can make or break your holiday experience. Altitude sickness is your body struggling to cope with lower levels of oxygen found at high elevations found in mountainous areas. The extreme form of altitude sickness is Acute Mountain Syndrome (AMS) which can prove fatal if not recognised and treated.

thinAir sport enables you to prepare for your experience at altitude. Our unique simulators are fully adaptive to your body providing a tailored programme just for you. Altitude affects everybody differently which is why we offer a specialist programme that trains your body to cope with altitude at its own pace to get the best possible result for you. There is no outwardly visible sign of your ability to cope with high altitude but the good news is that you can easily train your body to cope with lower levels of oxygen using thinAir sport.

Safe, easy and convenient to use, you can now give yourself the best chance of success and enjoyment on your holiday by booking in for one of courses.

The higher you travel, the "thinner" the air becomes.

At sea-level the air we breathe contains an oxygen content of 20.9% Oxygen.. At 3000 metres of elevation the Oxygen content of the air remains constant, however the pressure gradient decreases effectively only allowing us access to about 14.5% Oxygen. The higher you travel, the "thinner" the air becomes as the partial pressure decreases. At 6500 metres there is less than half the oxygen content we breathe at sea-level.

MY EXPERIENCE OF thinAir sport

John Mayo


"...I would wholeheartedly recommend that any prospective trekker or mountaineer uses the thinAir sport System prior to exercising at altitude - it certainly makes a big difference."