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Kyle Eastmond plans to take Bradfordís breath away today thanks to altitude training in Oldham.

The 20 year old St Helenís and England star uses a high altitude training pod in his home to mimic the thin atmosphere on Everest. He is one of only two players in the Superleague to use the machine. But Eastmond is convinced exhausting sessions are making him faster and stronger and he has warned the Bulls to expect a difference when Saints roll into Odsal this afternoon, gunning for victory after their surprise defeat after Hull. Eastmond said "I am willing to do anything that gives me an edge and the effects of using the pod are amazing. So far, I have only used it a few times but I have already noticed that my recovery is now awesome."

Eastmond borrows the pod from Salford forward, Luke Adamson who has been using it for a few years. Adamson was the second best tackler in the Superleague last year, with 923 hits and he is certain that the pod is his secret weapon. Adamson said "I've noticed a big difference in my speed, fitness and strength. Using the pod means you recover faster so you can do more reps in training. In games, it would normally take about 5 seconds to recover from making a tackle but thatís now down to 2 seconds thanks to the pod. It trains your body to work with less oxygen." Adamson uses the pod several times a week and has worked out programmes so he and Eastmond can both be at peak fitness for important games.

Kyle said:

"We all breathe in 21% oxygen in everyday air but at altitude training you breathe in 8% oxygen. Your body feels it isnít getting enough oxygen so it produces more red blood cells, which aid recovery. You really feel tired after the session as itís like doing a training session up Everest."

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Matt Diskin

Super League Player - Bradford Bulls

"I began using the pod when I was injured. It really did adapt to my body and gave me a hard workout. I felt much fitter when returning to training so I have carried on using it. It does make a difference to your performance."

Luke Adamson

Super League Player - Salford City Reds

"...I notice a big difference in my recovery levels throughout the game and especially at the end of the game, which is always the hardest part of the game to concentrate but I felt like I was able to make the right decisions. I make sure that I fit my top-ups around my training throughout the season..."