Maintain your fitness whilst injured

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when suffering an injury is maintaining your core fitness whilst out of action. Not being able to perform your usual training routine can impact upon your fitness and weight, often making your return a frustrating process.

thinAir sport enables you to maintain, and in some cases, improve your cardiovascular fitness whilst injured. Our programme provides one of the hardest cardiovascular workouts available enabling you to keep your fitness - so when your physio gives you the all clear, you know you will be fit to last the distance.

Our unique adaptive programmes provide a tailored workout for you. thinAir sport monitors your body’s vital signs and stimulates blood flow and oxygen circulation to your injured area speeding up your recovery.

Anybody who has been injured knows how hard it is to keep yourself going when you are sidelined. thinAir sport allows you to maintain cardio training and keep your head in the game when your body isn't. Keeping focused and upbeat during an injury can be difficult, thinAir sport releases the feel good endorphins (serotonin and dopamine) which not only aids your recovery but helps you to stay mentally focused.

MY EXPERIENCE OF thinAir sport

Matt Diskin

Super League Player - Bradford Bulls

"I began using the pod when I was injured. It really did adapt to my body and gave me a hard workout. I felt much fitter when returning to training so I have carried on using it. It does make a difference to your performance."