Safe, Proven... Excellent Results

The science of intermittent hypoxic therapy isn’t new. But the ability to combine the science with today’s technology is new and huge leap forward for human wellbeing & fitness.

Pioneered in Russia as part of its aerospace programme, it was used as way to give the cosmonauts a superior level of health & fitness whilst in Space. Its success was recognised by health professionals and more recently it has been used to successfully assist with many health conditions: heart attack, female fertility, stress, arthritis and cardiovascular health.

The cost and large pieces of equipment required made it impractical to make this a mainstream therapy.

thinAir sport has combined the rapid advances in science and technology to develop an intelligent and sophisticated intermittent hypoxic therapy. We recognise that no two people are alike and our systems adapt to every individual – you get a programme that delivers results for you.

Our sessions are only 40 mins each and 15 sessions will provide you with a superior level of wellbeing. After 12 days you will begin to see and feel the benefits.