Sit back, relax, and get fitter!

Looking good and feeling good doesn't come easily to most people - and finding the time to exercise can be a challenge in itself.

thinAir sport offers an effective and convenient approach to weightloss to suit you. Our interactive exercise programs are tailored to meet your needs so just sit back and relax and let thinAir sport do the work.

  • - See an improvement after only 3 weeks
  • - Only 40 minutes per day
  • - Targets those stubborn fatty areas
  • - Exercise - but not as you know it!

A safe, natural and effective programme
to promote weight loss:

- Converts body fat to energy:

Improves your body's ability to burn fat rather than carbohydrate and sugars for energy. This helps burn the fat in those difficult and stubborn areas.

- Less Water Retention:

Encourages your cells to flush out toxins enabling your cells to regain elasticity and get rid of excess fluid.

- Speed up your metabolism:

Changes the way your body uses energy - helps you to burn more fat.

MY EXPERIENCE OF thinAir sport

Alex Buckingham

GB Biathlon Skier

"...After being told about thinAir sport I knew I had to try it for myself. Being a biathlon skier I used thinAir sport firstly to cope with the altitude, but mainly to enhance my training and performance. I was genuinely surprised at the improvement of my gym performance, not only in the cardio room, but using weights too. However, my biggest improvement was definitely my recovery time, as soon as I have stopped Iím ready to go again..."

Amy Barnes

Group fitness Manager, Les Mills

"...altitude simulation training is awesome - the program gives me the energy to instruct three group fitness classes a day... ...and be ready to charge the next day..."