Mikel Arteta
Premier League Footballer - Arsenal FC

"I used it at home when I was injured and now I use it all year round. Itís unlike anything else, it really works."

Matt Diskin
Rugby League Player - Bradford Bulls

"I began using the pod when I was injured. It really did adapt to my body and gave me a hard workout. I felt much fitter when returning to training so I have carried on using it. It does make a difference to your performance."

Matthew Connery
Physio Everton Football Club, English Premier League

"...We have been using thinAir sport on our injured players at Everton FC. The players find it easy to use and we have received very positive feedback regarding their fitness levels on returning to training."

Luke Adamson
Salford City Reds - Super League Player

"...I notice a big difference in my recovery levels throughout the game and especially at the end of the game, which is always the hardest part of the game to concentrate but I felt like I was able to make the right decisions. I make sure that I fit my top-ups around my training throughout the season..."

Alex Buckingham
GB Biathlon Skier

"...After being told about thinAir sport I knew I had to try it for myself. Being a biathlon skier I used thinAir sport firstly to cope with the altitude, but mainly to enhance my training and performance. I was genuinely surprised at the improvement of my gym performance, not only in the cardio room, but using weights too. However, my biggest improvement was definitely my recovery time, as soon as I have stopped Iím ready to go again..."

Amy Barnes
Group fitness Manager, Les Mills

"...altitude simulation training is awesome - the program gives me the energy to instruct three group fitness classes a day... ...and be ready to charge the next day..."

Steve Sharpe
Sutton Coldfield

"... I completed the course out of interest because I understand the benefits of altitude training. My vo2 levels (fitness score) increased by a massive 15% even though my level of fitness was pretty good anyway. My running standard has increased to levels only gained through hard exercise routines..."

Jaco Swart

"...I got a serious leg injury early in the season and knew the road to recovery would be long and tough. I began using thinAir sport 4 days after my operation, and at my 2 week check-up the doctor was very surprised at how quickly I was healing.

Being unable to train and play is hard mentally, but using thinAir sport I know I am helping myself to heal and speeding up my recovery. I am now back in the gym and I have noticed that my upper body strength is strong and getting stronger and I haven't lost my cv fitness."

Tim Laing
Fitness Instructer, Just Workout Durham Street

"...Just seven days after I completed the airo 15 day course my VO2 Max had increased 12%"

Before starting the course Tim was put through a VO2 Max test. His test showed a VO2 Max of 50. At the completion of the course Tim's VO2 Max had risen to 54. The full benefits of the course are experienced approximately 7 days after you complete the course. Tim was tested at this time. His VO2 Max had increased to 56, an increase of 12% over 4 weeks.

Keri Houston
Working Mum and Ironman

"...I am a 40 year-old full-time working mother and wife with two children. Probably not someone you would expect to see endorsing a product like this. I used it as part of my build-up for New Zealand Ironman 07. It aided my recovery which meant that I could go out each day and continually push myself in training. Just when you think that you can't go any harder, this helps you to step up to the next level. I took 25 minutes off my best Ironman time this year and would not hesitate in factoring the course into my next Ironman program..."

  • 1) See an improvement after only 3 weeks
  • 2) Maintain your core fitness
  • 3) Improve recovery time
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